PRIMUS PERSONNEL is a social business which aims to provide an employment and advice service for the diverse workforce of the 21st Century. We believe that migrant workers will be a significant part of the new workforce - throughout Europe.

The project addresses the needs of migrant workers who are often vulnerable to exploitation and disadvantaged by their lack of knowledge of the UK labour market and work culture. In particular, we want to establish a social business with the welfare of migrant workers at its heart.

In 2007 Primus Personnel was voted best new business idea by the Social Enterprise Coalition at the national conference VoiceO7 and have built a strong working partnerships with private, public and third sector organisations providing wide range of services and support.



Much of our project work has been orientated to improving communication channels for services aimed at migrant workers and our ability to bridge the communications divide has had a very positive effect.

Our website aims to be the first point of contact for people new to the UK and provides information for those actively seeking support and employment as well as for individuals and organisations working with diverse communities.Primus Personnel is a service which aims to improve the prospects of these new and growing communities, support organisations in their promotional and outreach activities and increase the pool of talent within the UK workforce.

Our objective is to work with employers, colleges and trade unions to provide fair and appropriate employment opportunities for migrant workers and to integrate them into the UK workforce as equals. We aim to assist workers in upholding their employment rights and challenging unfair treatment.