Primus Media Project

is a service offered to improve access and awareness of services aimed at migrant workers by means of publicity and advertising in press, radio and TV as well as through community networks.

We have an extensive knowledge of national, regional, local and specialist publications targeting minority communities and we are looking to work in partnership with advice and information providers to deliver PR and media strategies for employment related projects aimed at migrant workers.

We identify media, community groups and networks - to allow projects aimed at minority groups to communicate and engage with these new communities using the most appropriate and productive channels for advertising, promoting services and disseminating information.

Engaging with migrant communities

We are able to:

• Develop an overall strategy and advise on best possible approach to engaging with each target group.

• Run a targeted media campaign to disseminate information on issues which are important to migrant workers.

• Prepare advertisements, leaflets and other marketing materials in the relevant community language to publicise services or an event and place the advertisements for you in the UK ethnic media.

• Manage your media campaign scheduling and maintaining communication on your behalf.

• Plan and organise events ensuring the most appropriate venue, engaging mainstream community organisations and publicising the event to attract the target audience.

• Circulate information directly to our network of contacts and circulate within community networks.

• Provide a response service in the relevant community language and refer individuals to the appropriate agency.

• Provide design and printing services to support your project and any advertising campaigns.

• Carry out surveys to identify the needs of migrant workers or to evaluate the impact of services offered.

Please email us or simply call on 020 7692 5544 to speak to our team about your needs or any issue we can help you with.