Some of our work includes:
- Training programmes development, in cooperation with local college, targeting migrant workers and help them actively search for employment opportunities, raises their understanding of the job market in the UK and develops skills and information on live and work in the UK
- Skills development programme with trade unions on Health and Safety issues to allow migrant workers achieve necessary qualifications and access to construction industry
- Management Induction pack development and support materials for Social Care sector for the purpose of recruitment and induction process of overseas staff
- Engage programmes development to support communication with diverse migrant communities, particularly from new Eastern European communities, and run a media campaign to raise awareness and engage with those communities
- Cooperation with Universities and public, local government bodies  in working for a rights-based approach to migration, with migrants as full Partners in developing the policies and procedures which affect life in the UK
- Active recruitment services and management support to maximise migrant workers opportunities and provide equality on labour market in the UK ranging from media advice, copy-writing, response handling to interviews handling and drafting contract agreements

Please email us or simply call on 020 7692 5544 to speak to our team about your needs, collaboration, recruitment or any other issue we can help you with.


Our work is orientated on improving communication channels for services aimed at migrant workers. We have an extensive knowledge of national, regional, local and specialist publications targeting minority communities we work with advice and information providers to deliver PR and media strategies for employment related projects aimed at migrant workers.
Our clients can rely on our expertise and strong relationships with various media, press, radio and web companies to recommend the most effective media for your campaign, whether big or small. We can also help you reach your targets and suggest other sources when appropriate.